Tech Dose Contest

Chetan Bhawani at Tech Dose are holding a contest with prizes:

1st prize -

2nd prize -

3rd prize -

How to Enter:

Subscribe to Tech Dose - 5 Entries and mandatory

Post about the contest in your blog with the sponsor links in prizes included - 20 entries per blog entry
And the main part - 25 Entries and mandatory
1. Post a comment at contest post saying which operating system you like, and your 5 favorite softwares or apps which you would surely install and use in your computer/laptop mentioning the reason why you would use them.
2. Post about any one or two gadgets that you are fascinated about, and reason why you like it.

Post about the contest on twitter - 1 entry
Stumble this post - 1 entry
Add this post to delicious - 1 entry

For more detail please visit:

Tech Dose Contest - Win by sharing your favorites!

Follow on Twitter and win 20$


Here are the rules:
2. Add your site(s) to the list. Just be sure to post the "Twitter List" at each site you add.
3. Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE . I will add you to the master list.
4. Come back and copy the master list back to your site, often. This will allow the new comers to achieve equal benefit as the late comers do.
5. Register in Twitter and install twitter widget or twittercounter.
6. Go to the sites found on the list and follow their Twitter.
7. Folllow me as your friend in http://twitter.com/bonoriau.

8. The HIGHEST twitter follower on November 24, 2008 will win USD10 and on December 1, 2008 will also win USD10 via paypal.

Note: Your url will be deleted in the Master List if you do not comply to the given rules.

~Twitter List~
1. Bonoriau 2. Purplefrogcat 3. Shinade 4. Anything and Everything in Between 5. IndoContest 6. Momma Wannabe 7. Heartrandom 8. Sweet..pretty..nuaghty 9. Sweetytots 10. Memoryfilled 11. PacoContest 12. AGreatPleasure 13. YOU


Smart Bloggerz Smart Contest - Prizes Worth $300

Hi everyone. I wanna tell you about an awesome contest where you can win various prizes worth $300. The Contest is called "Smart Bloggerz Smart Contest" which is being held at Smart Bloggerz

I think you must have a look at the prizes which are being offered below:

1st Prize
An awesome logo designing specially for your blog worth $50 from Mr.Javo
A 125x125 pixels ad for December month on Knowliz
A 125x125 pixels ad for 1 month on Smart Bloggerz

2nd Prize
A Text Link Ad for 1 month worth $10 on Themelib
A 125x125 banner ad for 1 month worth $50 on Wilcox-Studios
A Text Link Ad for 1 month on Smart Bloggerz

3rd Prize
A 125x125 pixels ad for one month worth $20 on Rockfuse
A 125x125 pixels ad for January month on Knowliz
A Text Link Ad for 1 month on Smart Bloggerz

4th Prize
A Text Link ad for 1 month worth $10 at Shanker Bakhshi's Blog
A 125x125 banner ad for 1 month worth $50 on Wilcox-Studios
A 125x125 pixels ad for February month on Knowliz

5th Prize
Any one wordpress template to choose free of cost worth $29 from Wordpress Templates
A 125x125 banner ad for 1 month on The Fountain Of Happiness
A 125x125 banner ad for 1 month on Da Blogger

6th Prize
Get $5 via Paypal from Wonderful things In Life
150x50 Banner Ad for a month worth $20 on lifeOmaniac
A Text Link ad for 1 month on Rapidshoots

7th Prize
A 125x125 banner ad for 1 month worth $25 on Contest Whiz
A 125x125 banner ad for 1 month on Mitk World
A 125x125 banner ad for 1 month on MarketingSearchNews

8th Prize
A 125x125 pixels ad for 1 month worth on Bloganol
A 125x125 pixels ad for March month on Knowliz
A 125x125 banner ad for 1 month on SuccessBlogNet

9th Prize
A 125x125 pixels ad for 1 month worth $20 onIndocontest
A 125x125 pixels ad for 1 month on A Message From My Heart
A 125x125 pixels ad for April month on Knowliz

10th Prize
A 125x125 pixels ad for 1 month on Cheth Studios
A 125x125 pixels ad for 1 month on Love Is A Perfect Gift
A 125x125 pixels ad for 1 month on Rapidshoots

Entrecard Prizes(Winners Of This will be chosen by me randomly)

2000 EC from Cheth Studios
1000 EC from MichaelPark
1000 EC from Blog About Contests
1000 EC from Wonderful things In Life
1000 EC from Wilcox-Studios
1000 EC from Wilcox-Studios

I suggest you should really participate in this contest. It's Very Easy. To know more about this contest like "How to Participate?" or any other such thing Click This Link.

Best Of Luck Guys

Happy Birthday UBD! 1-Year Anniversary Contest

Oh yeah its contest time and I am glad I found this. First of all lets Congrats UBD in the 1-yr Anniversary. I am sure you like me want to know more on 1-yr Anniversary Contest .

Today, August 22nd, 2008, is the 1-year anniversary of Unique Blog Designs. One year ago, UBD was born with the redesign of John Chow dot Com.

Fast forward one year, and UBD have worked with over 200 clients, including John Chow, ShoeMoney, Zac Johnson, Uber Affiliate, Fat Man Unleashed, Alex Shalman, MakeUseOf, Here.org.uk, Blog World Expo, Entrecard, and now, Yahoo!

Enter the UBD 1-Year Anniversary Contest

In celebration of our one-year birthday, we will be running a contest for the remainder of August (until Sunday, August 31st). The contest is open to everyone on Earth! If you are not from Earth, you are responsible for the cost of shipping. So, what are the prizes?

Grand Prize -Brand New 8GB iPod Touch ($299 value) and One (1) Copy of our New UBD Citrus WordPress Theme (coming next week).

Three (3) runner-up prizes include copies of our new UBD Citrus WordPress Theme.

Like any other contest, so easy to take part in this contest, just blog about the contest with the contest link back the post. Also if you leave a comment in UniqueBlogDesigns contest post you gain an entry.

The contest runs from 12:00AM PST Friday, August 22nd, 2008 to 11:59PM Sunday, August 31, 2008.

Winners will be chosen Monday, September 1, 2008 through a random drawing.

10,000 Entrecard Credits Contest

Okay, so our first contest was extremely fun.

For this contest all you have to do is:

  1. Stumble this page on StumbleUpon
  2. Post a blog post about this contest
  3. Subscribe to my RSS feed
  4. You must drop a card on this blog
  5. Submit your website to our directory

As a bonus, recommend a friend and receive even more entries. For each person you refer, you will receive 2 more entries into this contest.

The winner will receive 10000 Entrecard credits.

Depending on the response, we will increase the prizes, if 100people enter we will increase the payout to 10000 credits, 500 credits, 2500 credits. So start referring today

Win a Lappy

Deadline: 15th September 2008 (open Worldwide)
: Asus Eee Pc + gift certificates
Contest URL
: Office Summer Fest

Win an awesome laptop! some extra funds to splurge on your favorite office supplies, and maybe in the process have some fun, and express yourself in creative ways?

This is what they say! Yes participate at Office Summer Fest @ Shoplet Blog

At shoplet you can find tons of professional and elegant office supplies and office furniture. Take care of your office: Why don't you try the Nonmagnetic Stainless Steel Fire-Safe Receptacle? And what about a cool red HandyCone Floor Safety Sign? Office clean and safe, everyday.

Now they are giving away this awesome laptop plus a $100 and a $50 Shoplet.com gift certificate.

Additionally, all participants will get a 10% discount on their next purchase made at Shoplet.com.

To enter:

  • Write a fun blurb about your favorite office supply, or office supplies, minimum 75 words, on an accessible website.
  • Somewhere in your blurb, include at least two of the following keywords ( office supply, office supplies, office furniture, post it, copy paper, discount office supplies )
  • Point the keywords to http://www.shoplet.com/

Winner will be determined by points. More points, more chances:

  • Every incoming traffi from your blog post (+1)
  • Subscribe to his RSS feeds (+2)
  • Sign up for the Shoplet.com newsletter (+3)
  • If you write on .edu domain you will automatically receive extra 15 points.
  • 1 point for every incoming traffic that arrived to our website from your website.

1’st My Make Money Online Contest :5000 EC Giveaway


Contests are fantastic ways to get a good amount of exposure, gain readers and more. So my first make money online contest begins. Blog contests are not only interesting and it also have some benefits and advantages for both blogger and readers.

If You want to win 5000 EntreCard credits join this contest! (Selection procedure will be revealed while announcing the winner)

What You need to do:

- subscribe to my RSS feed by email (publish your email ID)

- write about this contest (Include the blog post link)

- Digg and delicious bookmark this blog (Your ID)

-Leave a comment on your favorite post

- add comment to this post

Thats all :)! All You have do are just this 5 things and 5000 EC credits could be Yours. So take part in this contest, and have fun!

This contest deadline is 30.08.2008